Dragon Games

Dragon Flap

Enter a world where dragons are real...where dragons have existed for centuries. But sadly, this world is changing and this cute little dragon needs to flap her way to a new home.
Your tapping is the flapping she needs to live.
And because dragons are ferisce and kind creatures, they’re ready to share some of their special loot in thanks for your support.

Enter Dragon Flap.

  1. Grab the exclusive, limited edition Dragon NFT via Rally.io. This registers you as an official dragon support human.*
  2. Tap and tap to flap this little dragon to safety.
  3. The highest scores win $CMO.

*Note: If you do not own the NFT, you may still play the game. However, you will not be entered for a chance to win $CMO.
See gameplay and rule details below.

Click to start the game

Click to start the game

Rules of the game

Only applies if you purchased the Dragon NFT with $CMO coins on rally.io

We are sharing 50% of the proceeds from the NFT sale with the top players. To win, enter your Rally username into the leaderboard. If you end up in the top 5, you will win $CMO.

You will earn the following percentage of the price pool:

  • 1st place gets 35% of the price pool
  • 2nd place gets 25% of the price pool
  • 3rd place gets 20% of the price pool
  • 4th place gets 15% of the price pool
  • 5th place gets 5% of the price pool
  • 6th place and higher get bragging rights that they played the game

The leaderboard will take a snapshot of all entries on November 30th, at midnight EST. Entries made after that time might still be displayed but won't be eligeble to win.

How to play

The game is best played on your phone.

Fly the little dragon through the obstacles without touching the obstacles or touching the ground.

Tap on your phone or tap/click your mouse to make the dragon go up. Gravity will do its best to pull it down again.

Each tap is a flap that elevates the dragon a little bit. Clear the obstacles and get 1 point for each obstacle that you pass through.

CMO Coins

Very hard to see tiny little CMO coins will appear in the game for a few seconds randomly. Collect them to get 5 extra points. Don't be greedy, trying to collect a hard to reach coin will kill your dragon faster than you can say "Valar Morghulis".

The fine print:

This game is offered by Smiling Cat Publishing GmbH

We are not collecting any privat information from you. Your Rally username does not provide us access to your Rally account. We will use it to verify your purchase of the Dragon NFT with the owner of the $CMO coin and to transfer your winnings to you if you are lucky enough to make it into the top 5.

This is just a fun little excercise to show what else can be done with NFTs. You have no legal rights to claim your winnings, or to dispute the leaderboar entries. Play at your own risk.